Chef’s Choice Professional Knife Sharpening System – Model 130

When you are looking at a pile of onions, fresh peppers or 10 pounds of tomatoes that need to be diced for fresh Salsa you certainly want the sharpest knife on the rack. Instead of pushing through the food and possibly slicing a finger or two from the added pressure you want to be able to glide through your work without a lot of knife force and effort. Ripping and tearing into your food leaves a mess, your bread is squished flat and your ripe tomatoes are splattered all over your cutting board. So you end up spending large sums of money to have your knives professional sharpened and then you try your best to keep a steeled edge as needed. Sooner or later, that edge will dull and you are back to the basics of forcing your knife through food.

Now with the M130, all your knife sharpening options are at your fingertips and in one compact appliance. You can now have that professionally sharpened edge for all your knives including Asian style, pocket, military and hunting knives, as well as all serrated and straight edge kitchen knives. By pulling your knife through the numbered slots you can be assured that the process is simple and straightforward without any guess work. “Stage 1, using 100% diamond abrasives, sharpens the edge. Stage 2 is a super-hardened miniature steel that develops a shaving sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge “bite”. In Stage 3, a revolutionary flexible stropping disk polishes the edge to hair-splitting sharpness. Using these stages in different combination produces custom edges, suited to a particular cutting task.

If you want a sharp steeled edge then use 1 & 2, if you want a professional knife style edge then use 1 & 3, or you can use a combination of all three depending upon your task. The sharpener also takes the correct angle guesswork out of the process so you simply glide your knife through the marked slots at an even pull to get the best edge possible. The company guarantees “fool-proof sharpening”

In testing out the station I’ve sharpened chef knives, boning knives, fillet knives, serrated knives, military knives and pocket knives. Many knives I thought were too far gone to be of use but this Sharpening System brought the edge right back. I now have several sets of knives in my collection that were once cast offs. The hardest I’ve sharpened to date were an older style chef knife from the 1960’s, along with a U.S.M.C. K-Bar knife. Both knives needed a few additional passes through stage 1, but the stage 1 & 3 system gave the knives renewed life.

I highly recommend this system for any home cook and foodservice professional that needs to have the sharpest knives on the rack. You will not be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Chef’s Choice Professional Knife Sharpening System – Model 130”

  1. I need to Know if this knife sharpener will be able to sharpen serrated knives, and specifically this one.? Says:

    […] Chef's Choice Professional Knife Sharpening System – Model 130 … […]

  2. Scott Anderson Says:

    It will sharpen serrated knives. Use the #3 disk for sharpening

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