Col. Henry Hasting Sibley sandwich

Col. Henry Hastings Sibley was a hard-charging man born before the Civil War, and a man destined to deal with the hardships of life in the Midwest.

In 1862, Sibley was appointed colonel of Minnesota’s state militia and was directed to the upper Minnesota River to protect exposed settlements from the Sioux. His militia were involved in many American Indian engagements last of which was The Battle of Wood Lake in 1862, which ended Indian uprisings in Minnesota.

To honor such a man – and at the request of great friend and fellow Civil War enthusiast – I came up with this sandwich. As a state legislator, the first governor of Minnesota and a man educated in Wisconsin, he certainly would have enjoyed the western influence brought forth in creating this sandwich.

Col. Henry Hasting Sibley Sandwich

1 wheat flour tortilla
1 ounce garlic cumin mayo (see recipe)
4 ounce thinly sliced lean roast beef
2 ounce pico de gallo or fresh salsa (drained)
1/4 cup flame roasted corn
1 ounce shredded cabbage
1 ounce grated or shredded Wisconsin Queso Fresco

Place flour tortilla on work space and spread on cumin mayo, then to the lower portion of the tortilla arrange the roast beef and top with pico de gallo, corn, cabbage, and finish with queso fresco.

Tuck in the sides of the tortilla and begin rolling from the bottom to the top finishing with the end of the tortilla on the bottom.

To enhance the flavor of the sandwich finish off on a panini or an electric indoor grill and cut on the bias. Serve with some fresh jalapeno potato chips on the side for a nice kick.

Garlic cumin mayo

1/2 cup mayo
1/4 teaspoon minced garlic
1 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

Mix all three ingredients together. Refrigerate leftover.


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