Fresh Salads for your health

Today I had the pleasure of stepping into Earth-n-Eats produce truck. Samuel stops by every Thursday like clock work and the produce selections are simply incredible. From micro mixed greens including micro mustard greens, along with baby eggplants, the selections offered included some of the most delicious baby heirloom tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. what follows are three salads made with these fresh ingredients that are both colorful and flavorful.

The first salad was a snap pea salad with rough bias cut celery, fresh sliced radishes and pencil tipped asparagus. I made a Sesame ginger dressing with some fresh grated ginger, and sesame oil, a little bit of sugar and added a touch of fresh cracked black pepper and coarse sea salt. Very simple, and easy to make.

The second salad was fresh broccoli and cauliflower with grilled tofu and smoked Jalapeno cheese with sliced fresh mixed red and green sweet peppers. I made a nice honey red wine vinaigrette dressing with cracked black pepper and salt and touch six pepper blend for a little kick.

The last salad I made was using fresh heirloom baby tomatoes, sliced smoked Italian cheese, baby grape tomatoes and oil and vinegar with some minced garlic.

Fresh ingredients right off the farm, made fresh daily, can’t get any better than that!

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