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The Cheeses of Wisconsin: a culinary travel guide

August 5, 2010

This book is a great read even though it’s not a real in depth study of cheese. It was never meant to be an in depth study but more so a road-map on how to get to a variety of really great Cheese Makers that are spread across the state of Wisconsin. You get information on the cheese and cheesemakers and what styles of cheese they create along with their website, phone number and address.

It’s an excellent culinary travel guide and one that is certainly worth purchasing. To round out the book you are given Day trips to Cheesemakers, a Wisconsin map of the Cheesemakers, how to shop for Wisconsin cheese, resources if you are interested in cheesemaking, beverage pairing with cheese, how to serve cheese in “flights”, and finally recipes using Wisconsin cheese and suggestions for cooking with cheese. You simply can’t go wrong if you are heading to Wisconsin or are interested in Wisconsin cheese. California may have Happy Cows, but Wisconsin has Happy Cows and Happy Customers.

The Great Big Cheese Cookbook

May 24, 2010

As a newly appointed Chef Ambassador to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board I’ve been working overtime incorporating a variety of Wisconsin cheeses into my menus. It’s been great to have this collection at my fingertips to go through and see what has already been created utilizing the wonderful flavors and varieties of Wisconsin Cheese.

This inspired collection of recipes are every bit as good as their pictures and descriptions. I’ve made several recipes, most notably the Chocolate Moussecarpone Tarts which were well received at our last Catering function. The simply addition of rich creamy mascarpone cheese to melt chocolate gave a velvety richness to the tart as well as a beautiful presentation platform atop the chocolate tart shell. That’s just one of over 300 classic and modern recipes presented within the cookbook from celebrated chefs across the country. Classics such as fondue, or Wisconsin Cheese Straws blend well with Steak and Gorgonzola Thyme Crust followed up with Wisconsin Cheddar Peach Shortcakes.

Cooking with cheese comes easy if you follow the opening pages of the cookbook. It walks you through choosing, handling, storing, freezing and cutting and trimming the cheese. You are also given a “Perfect Pairing” guide at the end to help with pairing cheese with suggested wines and beer. There is even a Cheese substitutions guide to assist if you are in a bind. If you don’t have Brick then try Havarti or Muenster and if your Pasta dish is lacking in Parmesan then try grating on some Asiago.

Where cheese comes from truly matters, and unless you have quality milk you can’t produce quality cheese. No matter how happy the cows are in California; the difference is that Wisconsin has Happy Cows AND Happy Customers.