Scott Anderson

I enjoy creating foods that are both unique and mouth watering and I’m usually found with a bulb of garlic in one hand and a delicious Wisconsin Cheese in the other with a spice rack full of seasonings and various levels of hot sauces. Having top quality ingredients and equipment makes the difference between lackluster and extraordinary food presentation.

From 1991 to 2017 I worked at Shepherd University, moving up from a part time catering employee to the Assistant Food Service Director of Dining/Executive Chef. It was a unique experience filled with tremendous learning opportunities and I enjoyed the challenges in creating new ideas and concepts on a very limited budget. The joy came in working with numerous peer institutions across the United States to bring fresh ideas to campus.

Alas, in fall of 2014 I felt a calling to leave Shepherd Dining and move into a more community based natural and organic setting, in 2016 I found such a place, a community market located at the other end of town. So in January 2017 I left collegiate food-service to take co-ownership of the Community Garden Market of Shepherdstown.

I also continue my local recipe writing for the Herald-Mail where I have a column in the Sunday Lifestyle section of the newspaper.

If you are in a bind and need some assistance in planning meals, utilizing leftovers, cooking for in-laws and drop in guests, or kitchen time saving tips then drop me an e-mail, my link is at the top of the page or stop by the market, I look forward to assisting you.


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    Hi, nice to meet you !

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